Monday, September 12, 2011

Show Me Your "O" Face.

Mighty O's Comes to Salt Lake
Do-nut Pass Go! Collect All Five Donuts Before Proceeding
     Well, I was all proud of myself for not only walking down the potato chip aisle at Whole Foods while hungry, but not even buying a single bag. I've written before of my addiction to Kettle Chips Jalapeno Potato Chips so I felt like I was making progress. But then after leaving the kombucha bar (my other got infected so it's been store bought from me until I get another mother so if anyone is reading and has one, let me know!), I spied these out of the corner of my eyes. Vegan Donuts from Mighty Os!!!
Time To Make The Donuts
Donuts As Far As The Eye Can See!
    Since I'm being honest with my addictions, I'm quite the donut connoisseur so much so that I've debated about buying a deep fryer just to make these dreamy confections. Admitting you have a problem is the first step right? Luckily, I can postpone the purchase of another kitchen gadget, at least for now. Seriously, I can tell you almost every time I've had a vegan donut. When I first moved here I got a delivery of a dozen of Ronald's Donuts from kind Vegas bound folks. My ears still perk up anytime someone mentions that they're headed to Vegas. During sojourns back to the City of Brotherly Love, I was lucky enough to track down the ever elusive Vegan Treats Boston Creme donuts at Govindas and now at my favorite coffee shop Grindcore House. Oh, and have I mentioned that I mail ordered donuts from veganessentials and pangea? I even had a friend on vacation try to send me some Voodoo Donuts. I told you I wasn't lying.
Death by Chocolate: Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Donut
Just Need A Glass Of Soy Milk!
      I already wrote about my obsession with three Aberdeen troubadours, but my love affair with the city lives on with Mighty Os Donuts. This Seattle based bakery has been winning accolades from being rated by Bon Appetit Magazine as the one of the best donut shops in the country to their top prize on the Food Network's Challenge: Donut Champions. (The third vegan baker to beat out traditional bakers. See Chef Chloe and Sticky Fingers). These aren't just donuts, but award winning donuts! So I needed to break out the scientific research and try one of each flavor, right? I'm doing this for you, my readers, not to quiet my sweet tooth. I swear. In the interest of full disclosure, I was lucky enough to sample two donuts a year ago that Larayn from Union Street (Check out their new location!) shared with me. Thanks, Larayn!
Freedom Donut: French Toast
It Tasted Like Freedom Via La French!
      The results were outstanding! It's hard to decide my favorite either the French Toast or the Raspberry Glazed. Maybe some more research is needed. Perhaps one day, they'll branch out from the holed donuts to stuffed donuts like Jelly and Boston Creme. If you're reading Mighty-O, I'm willing to taste these.  I do have a bone to pick with you though, although you use organic ingredients and are vegan, you top the donuts with "sprinkles" and say so on your website. Please note sprinkles come from fairies and stars, instead it should be renamed Donut with JIMMIES. There is no debate on this. I'll move on.
 Berry Berry Happy: Raspberry Glazed
Tied For Best In Show With The French Toast
        As far as I know, these donuts are available throughout the Valley, but I purchased mine at the Trolley Square Whole Foods. I'm waiting to hear back from Whole Foods, if they're offered nationwide. I'll keep you posted. And a big thanks to Kelly/Cakewalk for the hot tip on the donuts! Otherwise, I might have never of known and kept bugging for Cakewalk to make donuts, not that I'm stopping, but at least I'm distracted.         
Plain Ole Glazed
Like A Bear Claw, But Round With A Hole In The Middle
Chocolate Glazed Donut
          I'm Going Down In A Glaze Of  (Chocolate) Glory! 

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