Monday, April 25, 2011

Cooking With Compassion Over Killing

Pine Nut And Basil Seared Gardein "Chicken" Over A Bed Of Brown Basmati Rice And Gingered Kale
     I'm a fan of crusting things. It's just an excellent idea to put a little oompf into your entree. This recipe comes from Tal Ronnen's The Conscious Cook. I've looked over his cookbook at the bookstore, but it's mainly ways to fancy up gardein so I've never bought it. One of my favorite animal rights group, Compassion Over Killing, posted the above recipe in their Winter 2010 magazine (scroll down to page 13 for the recipe) so I decided to try it. Overall, I wasn't that impressed. The Gardein kept falling apart and the pine nut mixture didn't add that much more flavor than standard bread crumbs. Not to mention that pine nuts aren't cheap something like $20 a pound for organic ones at Whole Foods.
Roasting The Pine Nuts
     Next time I think I would just roughly chop up the nuts, kinda like the macadamia crusted tofu from 30 Minute Vegan. The Kale was excellent; the ginger adds just a nice spice to the amazing green, but like most things involving ginger I would double the ginger called for. It was also featured in this post so I'll keep it short.
 Compassion Over Killing 
     From undercover investigations to vegan outreach, Compassion Over Killing is one of, if not my favorite animal rights organization. They realize that more animals die from food production than any other animal abuse industry so they target animal agribusiness. Not only that but they work to get more vegan options at both local restaurants and national ones. Currently, they have a campaign to get Dunking Donuts to start offering a vegan donut and asking Subway to carry Tofuerky slices. How cool would those be! But really what makes me love COK is their award winning commercials promoting a vegetarian lifestyle. I remember when I first moved out here, I saw one on MTV and the next day wrote a big check (for a student) to continue the campaign. Here is one of their commercials and if you want to help the campaign, check it out here, just choose the pro veg ads in the program drop down box.

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