Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh Baby, I Like It Slow!

Mojito Black Beans Over Jasmine Brown Rice With Fresh Mint
Move Over Rum And Coke, Say Hello To Rum And Beans!
     Well, you thought that you were safe from the redundancy. I thought so, too. I had my computer crash and lost all my pictures of what I've been cooking. Months and months of cooking with nothing to show or prove except in my belly! And my belly tells no lies!
     So now I'm jumping back on my metaphorical horse and getting back on with the redundancy! Over the holidays, the special one bought me a slow cooker so I've been slowly cooking through some of the recipes found in  The Vegan Slow Cooker. I can't believe it took me this long to get one. You put some ingredients in before you leave for work or the mountain and viola! you have a hot home cooked meal waiting for you at home. Well, I guess the slow cooker does must of the work, but still. Now, I just wish my rice cooker operated in a similar fashion. Any inexpensive rice cookers with timers out there?
Mango Black Beans Over Brown Basamti Rice
Yum: Black Beans And Mango!
     Ever since visiting Casa de Luz in Austin with my parents, I've been wanting to cook more with just beans. It's one of my weaknesses. I generally reach for tofu, seitan or tempeh for the protein of the dish. But Casa de Luz showed me just how simple a meal could be. Both of these took, maybe 10 minutes to assemble and put into the crock pot. After a long commute and a hard day of work, you come home to a piping hot meal. Both of these were simple and cheap meals.If you use dried beans, the meal would be even cheaper. Unfortunatetly, I choose to use canned beans to save some time. If using canned beans, I would recommend Eden Organic or Fig Foods, since they are the only two companies using BPA free packaging. I had lots of leftovers to bring to lunch further making them winners. I especially liked the mango black beans.  I'll be slowly cooking my way through the cookbook and continue to post the results. I also bought lots of new cookbooks that I can't wait to dive into. Please stay tuned! I promise to post faster!