Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Vegan Mecca: Ronald's Donuts

Joey Bag Of Donuts
The Famous Pink Box!
     Most people have drug dealers. I have a donut dealer. Ronald's Donuts are just that good. And, no, I'm not joking. Just in case law enforcement or more likely the NSA is listening, reading and recording this post, this is just a reenactment. The names and stories have been changed to protect their identities and my source. You'll just have to find your own, though checking under "D" in the classifieds probably won't give you any place to start, assuming the classifieds still exist. The following example may be dramatized for internet audiences. 
    Anyway, the way it works is this. My source let's call them Ronald gives me a heads up when he or she is heading into vegas. I...err...Steve places his order, mainly bear claws, jelly and boston cream donuts. Then, upon the safe and undetected arrival of my the source, Steve arrives in a dark and seedy alley, natural territory, of course, money is covertly exchanged, fist to palm style. Then, I , Steve walks away with a pink box filled with donuts. Later, I might be found stuffing my face with donuts. I meant Steve.
\Jelly Donut
An Attacked Jelly Donut
Three Way Tied For First For The Best Donut!
     The first time, I went to Ronald's Donuts, I had mimicked the one from Wayne's World with throngs of people outside, maybe even a once famous sports star associated with the store. and a rotating donut sign announcing that I have arrived at the place. Driving maybe 10 minutes from the strip, crossing into chinatown and a non-distinct strip mall announced our arrival.  Well, it would take some google mapping and a second and maybe third pass to find it. I was really hoping for that rotating donut sign.
Don't Blink You Might Miss It

   Inside with plain plastic benches with a solo man sipping coffee from a styrofoam cup while reading a newspaper with no one at the counter. Did I mention that there was no rotating donut? After the bell on the door announced our arrival, a sweet lady came out and the special one whispered, "how do you know that they are vegan?" I library whispered that I heard the first two rows (of three) are vegan and the sweet lady, confirmed what I heard and even smiled when I said that. It's like a secret word of mouth of club since zero signs indicate vegan donuts. Not to mention, they don't even have a website! Personally, I'm kinda amazed how awesome this has spread and I would be surprised if a vegan visits Vegas without going to Ronald's Donuts. 
Case of Donuts
PSST!!! Pick From The Top Two

 I'm not sure how or who discovered Ronald's Donuts, but I'm glad they did. It's the quintessential vegan donut experience. You might be familiar with my donut obsession spanning from coast to coast from NYC's Cinnamon Snail, and NY's highest rated Dunwells, Texas's Vegeria, Seattle's Mighty O's but Ronald's is something special and just might beat out Dunwells, but just barely. But to be fair, I only had Dunwells once and they were without filled donuts! Ronald's does have the advantage of being the first amazing donut I've had. A few months after moving here, local vegans posted they were going, created an online order and came back with dozens of boxes, brimming with donuts. I was one of the lucky ones with a pink box all to my own. Regardless of the possible prejudices towards Ronald's, further investigation is needed and I'm willing. Perhaps, a cross country road trip is needed eating donuts between the two destinations? Shall I consult kickstarter? Tell my boss I have a donut sojourn? I'm willing...
 Tiger Tail!
Chocolate Striped Donut Braid!
    Ronald's is so good, some vegans don't even believe they could be vegan. Vegan website Quarry girl had them tested for eggs and they passed! If that's not a resounding endorsement, I'm not sure what is. I'm not sure why the Ronald's owners decided to make vegan donuts (I've heard religious reasons such as seven day adventists or buddists), but I'm glad they did. My little pup has been passed out from a long walk or daycare upstairs on the bed, but he hears the box open and runs downstairs to make sure he gets some. Yup, like father like son! 
Famous Pink Box
Ronald's Has Tiffany's Beat!

     Now until my  Steve's next batch comes in. I have the shakes just thinking about donuts to come. Regardless of how you get them, make sure you visit once or twice. Once you get into Vegas and refill before you leave! And don't forget the rest of us!
Bear Claw
Move Over Yogi!
Boston Cream
Wonder What's Inside?
Boston Cream Revealed
Mystery Solved!
Peanut Butter Nut Dohicky
I might get my donut card removed, but I can't recall the technical name
Cherry Strudel
Yet another mystery donut, though perhaps it's a pastry!

Where Do The Holes Go?
Even Donut Holes Need Love!
Donut Holes

We left a tip and we were rewarded with some free donut holes!

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Amey said...

oh my gosh. those donut pictures.
part of me is celebrating your joyful donut-enjoying victory, and part of me is crying inside that I am not eating a giant variety box of donuts!

Anonymous said...

Wow I am just crazy about Boston Cream doughnuts. I've honestly been considering a trip to Las Vegas mostly to eat there, if only the star trek museum was still there I would definitely go!

vegan.in.brighton said...

I'm going to be in Vegas in a couple of weeks and I will totally be visiting Ronald's!! Thanks for the top two rows tip!