Thursday, June 14, 2012

If I Was A Dinosaur, I Would Be A Donutosaurus!

Chocolate Glazed with Jimmes!
There Is No Such Thing As "Spinkles" Period.
     It's true. Not only do I have a mouth filled with sweet teeth, but I have a donut affliction. If I see a donut, I must eat it. Consider me a sommelier of vegan donuts or if we were back in the mesozoic era a donutosaurus. If you doubt my donut worthyness, check out my credentials. I've written about Seattle's award winning Mighty O's, San Antonio's Vegeria, and New York's Cinnamon Snail. If there's a vegan donut, I've had it.  Sadly, I've had Allentown's Vegan Treats and Las Vegas's famed Ronald's Donuts, but without documentation. So, you're just have to trust me. Well, I had them all except for Portland's Voodoo Donuts. Anyone want to fund a fact finding mission to Portland so I can complete my training? Anyone? I do take deliveries as well, just in case you're wondering.
Dun-Well's Donut Case
Donuts Galore!
     I know I'm starting out with Chocolate Glazed with Jimmies. Normally, I don't like holey donuts. I mean donuts are so good why waste any space with nothing? Let's eat more donut with stuff inside. However, that's how good Brooklyn's Dun-Well Donuts are. I mean they went head to head with traditional donuteries and New York Daily News voted them the best donut shop in the entire city. That just impressive. And continues the trend of vegan bakeries beating traditional ones. Chef Chloe, Sticky Fingers, Mighty O, and Cakewalk have all bested traditional bakeries to take home prizes from Cupcake Wars to Salt Lake City Weekly. It's not just baking, but grilling, too. Vegans took home prizes in a grilled cheese competition
Jelly Donut
A Donut Complete!
     Right as we were ordering, the person in front got that last peanut butter and jelly donut. I was flabbergasted. That was the donut my host Brett recommended. So I had to settle for the jelly donut, which I thought was going to be the best, especially since the jelly is some local made jam that I can't recall. But I kept coming back to the chocolate glazed. It had this buttery flavor and the chocolate was subtle enough to not overpower everything else. Plus, it had jimmies on it. Don't believe the lies, there is no such thing called a "sprinkle".Jimmies make everything better.
Lemon Lavender
Kriss Kross Donuts Will Make You Jump!
     For my third donut, I went with lemon lavender which had this perfect clean lemon taste with a burst of lavender. You wanna know their secret? It's in the criss-cross glaze. It'll make you jump! Jump! What's even cooler then they're glaze layering technique is the atmosphere.
 Dun-Well Inside
Cool Retro Feel
     Dun-Well Facade

     Walking into Dun-Well's is like taking a time machine to the 1950's. Well, not that I know, but it's how I imagine it would be. The inside has this cool retro feel, much like Lula's. Tea hanging in clear jars and vintage posters lining the wall make up the interior. Even the shop workers wear bow-ties!. To top everything off, they serve the donuts to stay on these cool wooden coasters. Oh, and even better they're right across the street of the Montrose L train station. 
Wooden Coasters
I Can't Confirm Or Deny That There Was A Donut Here!

Donut On  A Wooden Coaster
There May Or May Not Have Been A Jelly Donut On This As Well!
     I washed them down with some delicious iced coffee and we were off to see the king of late night himself, David Letterman with Florence and The Machine as the musical guest! The only thing that I'm sad about is that they do serve Lula's ice cream. As if that's not enough they make a donut sundae. Yup, that's right, a donut sundae. I'm just disappointed in myself for not getting one. I'm sorry to let you down, too. But cheer up, there's also next time, right? 

Making Donuts Disappear!
Caught Powder Handed! There's No Denying It!
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