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Union Street Eats, Welcome To The Neighborhood!

Daiya Pepperjack Quesadilla
Filled with Daiya Pepperjack Cheese, Jalapenos, Seasoned Smart Ground, Topped with Salsa, Guacamole and Ginger Sour Cream
      Not since Cakewalk opened up across the street from my house have I been as excited for a business to open. Filling the need for good, quality vegan Mexican food, Union Street Eats means vegan don't have to settle for rice and beans anymore! Move over Red Iguana and Cafe Rio, hay un nuevo rey en este pueblo! From seitan, tempeh and soyrizo, Union Street Eats shows how good vegan food can be.  

UPDATE: Union Street Eats moved to a new location at 400 South and 200 East at Washington Square Park (Across from the Main SLC Library).UPDATE: Union Street Eats is nominated for best vegan street cart in 2011 Veg News' Veggie Awards. Vote HERE and be entered to win great prizes, like a vegan Caribbean Cruise and a Vitamix Blender. (Voting Closed, Thanks for Voting!)
Union Street Eats
     Not only that but it's the closest to gourmet mexican food without setting foot in a restaurant. The streetcart, located at 300 South and 300 West (on the South East Corner of the intersection, near Pioneer Park) (new location) 400 South 200 East in Washington Square Park (across from the Main SLC Library)  is the brainchild of Larayn and James. Larayn learned her way around the kitchen as a graduate of the venerable Natural Gourmet Institute as well as NYC's Lifethyme. For the last several years, she worked  as the lunch chef at Sage's wowing customers with her daily chef's specials.  Not only known for her culinary skills, Larayn is a pillar of the vegan community. As the founder and long running host of Salt Lake's Vegan Drinks, Larayn has helped build the veggie community. James cut his teeth as a street vendor outside the City Library several years ago. It's his Mexican sojourn that inspired a lot of the recipes featured on the menu. Together, their experiences create a marriage that will cause your taste buds to dance. Plus, they donate 5% of the profits to local farm animal rescue Ching Farm so your conscience and taste buds can be in harmony. Just be sure to get there between 11 am and 2 pm (new hours) 11 am-3:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, including a little earlier for the Farmer's Market. Oh, they also plan on serving from 5-8 pm on Thursdays for the Twilight Concert Series, starting on July 14 for the Explosions in The Sky and No Age Show.
Tacos La Paz
Warm Handmade Corn Tortilla Stuffed with Breaded Citrus-Marinated Tempeh, Topped with Crisp Cabbage,Three-Pepper Bueno Sauce, Lime Wedge and Cilantro
    It's hard to decide what I liked better. It's a toss up between the Tacos La Paz or the Daiya Pepperjack Quesadilla. Well made tempeh melts my heart, but this quesadilla was pure perfection. Hands down the best quesadilla I've ever had. But, I still need to have to have the Tacos Rancheros so perhaps I'll hold judgment until my next visit, which will be soon because the food prices are reasonable with a range of $3 to $6 dollars.
Larayn cooks up the Tacos La Paz while James takes orders.
Toasted White Roll with Refried Beans, White Rice, Tomatoes, Onions, Guacamole, Salsa and Cilantro.
Tacos Soyrizo
Spicy Soyrizo Fried with White Rice, Onions, and Tomatoes, Topped with Sliced Avocado, Ginger Sour Cream and Cilantro
Limon Shaker
     The best part of the Limon Shaker is watching James shake them up. It's like being back in in a speak easy during the roaring twenties. It's refreshing to have a drink made on the spot and not bottled. Nothing taste more like summer and brings back memories of boardwalk strolls with my family.
Freshly Squeezed Lime and Lemon Juice, Sweetened and Shaken with Ice
Creme De Chocolate
Sweet, Spicy and Silky Chocolate Mousse Topped with Silvered Almonds

     It's not secret that I have a sweet tooth, so I had to try their dessert. It's a lightly spiced Mexican chocolate mousse. The spice was subtle at first, but started to sneak up on me. I thought it was the perfect complement to an incredible meal. The best part is that their menu is a work in progress. They have only been open for two weeks and I'm hearing rumors about chef specials, such as a Daiya Cheddar Chipotle Quesadilla. And maybe tepache and horchata in the future. Be sure you're in the loop by following them on facebook. See you on Union Street!

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