Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Ode To A Beth

Working Blue (Ginger Cupcake with Peach Filling & Blueberry Frosting)
     Beth is one of those friends you make once in a lifetime. She's helped me with my grad school application, made a Sponge Bob Square Pants sling when I crashed my bike, sent me a box of Liz Lovely cookies and too many others to name. Added to the list she sent me a box of these award winning cupcakes from D.C.'s Sticky Fingers Bakery. Oh, and she's the reason I started to take pictures of what I cook. I'm  involved in a food photo war with her. It's like the Cold War, but food photos instead of missiles. I know dangerous. She recently upped the ante with a video. If you ask nicely, she has a secret video of making banana whips, which is banana ice cream with one ingredient- bananas. 
   I kinda feel like I'm cheating because Cakewalk is so delicious but I'm a sucker for vegan superlatives, especially when they're edible.
Sticky Fingers Award Winning Amazingiest Cupcakes
    If there is any doubt that vegans do it better. Cupcake Wars is the perfect example. The first season one of my cooking heroes, Chef Chloe, took the first prize for her cupcakes. She even posted the recipes on her website, along with a recent recipe for Chocolate Beer Cupcakes with Irish Whiskey Buttercream. This season Sticky Fingers took the first prize. Both these bakeries beat out traditional bakeries, proving you don't miss anything by going vegan. I'll post a video of Chef Chole's win below since it condenses the entire season down to ten minutes. For season Two, Vegnews talks with Sticky Fingers baker Doron Petersan about the show (read the interview here). The best part about this is that Sticky Fingers sells the amazinest award winning cupcakes online, which is good because I might need to try the Working Blue (recipe here) against the George Caramelin (recipe here). Those were my two favorites. And another thing, these require some assembly. You need to do the icing and stuffing the cupcake. I found cutting the cupcake in half and spreading the stuffing was easiest. Oh and the toppers weren't included. Or if you're more adventurous you can put on your apron and get to sifting with the recipes that I've linked to.
George Caramelin (Chocolate Cinnamon Cupcake with Vanilla Bean Bourbon Frosting, Bourbon Caramel Sauce & Candied Pecans)
     Bourbon in a cupcake? Yes, please! Again, the flavor was very subtle. Find the recipe HERE.
Strawberry Kiwi (Daiquiri Cupcakes with Kiwi Curd, Strawberry Rum Frosting & Strawberry Rum Shooter Garnish)
      The flavors for these were quite impressive. Not overtly over powering, but subtle enough to complement the other flavors found in the stuffing and icing. Find the recipe HERE.
Gilbert Ganache-fried (Chocolate Seltzer Cupcake with Ganache, Banana Frosting & Caramelized Banana)

     This was B-A-N-A-N-A-S times two! Find the recipe HERE.
Cupcake Wars Season One

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benjamin adam said...

aw. isn't she the most wonderfulest!?

beth gibbons said...

aww, thanks joe! this is what i use to inject filling into cupcakes (and twinkies) and to make icing look all fancy:

Joe Snow said...

she's the most superlative! oh, i think i might need to make a purchase if i'm going to try making them this time...