Friday, June 3, 2011

New Music Friday

   Okay, here are some of the latest streams. It's been pretty slow, but the treat this week are the streams (some can be downloaded too) from Sasquatch Festival.
Fucked Up-David Comes To Life
      You might have heard about this band, but not known who they were. Nearly everywhere the band is mentioned the band's name is partially blanked out. In fact, the NY Times reviewed one of there shows, but couldn't print the band's name. Regardless, Fucked Up are on of the most interesting hardcore punk bands out there. They started out as a traditional hardcore band with a slew on seven inches, but expanded their sonic landscape with 2008's "Chemistry of Common Life". Three years later, Fucked Up return with perhaps their most ambitious release. Clocking in at 1 hour 17 minutes and 55 seconds, "David Comes To Life" is a musical narrative with four acts focusing on love, lose, tragedy, guilt and rebirth. One character is even named Octavio, consider it Shakespeare in musical form. "Queen of Hearts" sets the stage with melodic and upbeat music with the barely distorted guitars front and center behind the gruff vocals of Pink Eyes aka Damien Abraham. One of the most interesting releases, even if I can't exactly follow along to the narrative. Follow along HERE
Arctic Monkeys-Suck It And See
     The former internet buzz band continues with their fourth release. "Suck It and See" maintains their British invasion, but in a toned down way. The songs feel more relaxed than previous efforts. The first two songs wouldn't be out of place at a 50's high school dance. It's not until "Brick by Brick" that they pick up the pace, at least until two minutes into the song where they launch into a barbershop quartet repeating the chorus. The whole album has this retro feel to it. Check out the stream HERE.
Sasquatch Music Festival
   Festivals seem to abound. There are too many to know, and most aren't near me so I don't pay much attention. However, NPR comes through with  streams and some downloads of nearly every act that played this year. From Black Mountain, Wye Oak, Modest Mouse, Flying Lotus, S. Carey, Wilco, Black Joe Lewis and more. You can now enjoy the festival without the the crowds. Here is the complete list of streams.
Also Notable...
     Remember the Melvins? They have a new live album recorded at the Busta-Guts Club in California. It can be streamed here. Black Swans return for another found of folk-folk for their fourth release, check it out here. Guided By Voices front man Robert Pollard releases a solo album, stream it here. Black Lips return with some garage rock, complete with horns for "Arabia Mountain". These songs would be fun to drink to. Stream it here. Saves the Day has a new single out called "Living Without Love". Stream it here (scroll to the bottom). It's been years (decades?) and Chris Conley still has that nasally prepubescent voice. weird.

Upcoming Shows for Salt Lakers

      6/4-Young Widows playing Burt's Tiki Lounge ($?, sorry I can't find a price)
      6/15-Thursday and Taking Back Sunday at In the Venue ($27 tickets here)
6/16-Okkervil River plays Urban Lounge with the awesome poppy punk Titus  Andronicus($15)
      6/18-Ray Lamontagne plays Library Square ($36) 
      6/18-Black Lips   Urban    $14.00
      6/25-Meat Puppets Urban  $14.00

      7/19-Blitzen Trapper   Urban   $14.00

Tickets prices are mostly listed if bought from Slowtrain, which is the cheapest way to get them. Plus, it helps support an awesome record store. 

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