Friday, July 31, 2015

Showing My Big O Face On The Top Of The World Eating Donuts

Joey Box of Donuts
Time To Eat The Donuts!

      I think the entire city is conspiring against me. It's as if the city concocted an elaborate game of Hansel and Gretel and trying to fatten me up. I'm not sure what the end game is, but I'll enjoy the ride. To give you some background, first, the amazing Passion Flour (post coming soon) opens what I think is the first vegan french bakery in the country, perhaps the world. Now, Big O Donuts opens and fills the biggest void for salt lake's ample vegan options. If you're wondering vertical diner tried their hand at donuts with mixed results and the short lived and far away and now defunct station 13 had decent donuts. But I think Murs captured my delight of biting into a Big O donut, "I'm on top of the world eating donuts It's a motherfucking cheat day, so what". I guess my cheat day spread since I couldn't get just one.

Coconut Curry Donut!

I go coo coo for coconut curry!
     I know I've been silent so perhaps you don't remember but I take donuts seriously. From Ronalds, Mighty Os, Dun Wells, Voodoo (post coming soon!), Vegeria, Cinnamon Snail and Donut Friend (post coming soon!). I've been around the country tried just about every vegan donut I can get my mouth around. I even have a semi-regular donut  dealer. I know, I have a problem, but that's the first step, right? Perhaps you have a donut problem as well and I'm just an enabler. If so, you should stop reading now. I'll even put in another photo to give you a chance to abandon, kinda like Grover's "The Monster at the End of the Book". You don't want to read on.

Lemon Basil
Zesty and Basily!
     If you made it congrats, you'll be rewarded because Big O Donuts does not disappoint. But how do they compare to donuts in other cities? Ronald's and Dun Well are the best donuts I've had. Ronald's is the quintessential and best donut in the country. Dun Wells is a close second. What I like about dun well is that they are the new face of donuts experimenting with off the wall flavors. Good thing both are far away from me and my mouth. The problem is Big O donuts are on par with dun wells. Their donuts have a nice and light airy that your teeth can sink into. The smell of whatever oil they are frying is present but not overwhelming. The glazes are a perfect complement to the donut. 

Donut Friends! 
Donuts In The Park! (stolen from their facebook)
     The bad news is that they don't have a physical location yet. However, this seems like a good thing so I don't have to start wearing suspenders to keep my pants up. The good news is that you can find them every Sunday at the People's Market (1050 south 900 West) from 10 am until 2 pm or they sell out. It's right at the International Peace Gardens, which is worth the visit alone, even if England's has a weird bust of Margaret Thatcher.  They're also working to get into local coffee shops and cafes to bring the donuts . Oh and rumor has it they are working on cream and jelly filled varieties. Now some jumping jacks to burn off the donuts you're going to get on Sunday. It's better to plan ahead. I'll leave you some more motivation.

Spiced Chocolate 
Umm, Ginger And Donuts, Will You Marry Me?
Maple Pecan
Who Took A Bite Of My Donut?

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