Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hit The Road, Jack! And Get Your Grubby Hands On A BBQ Balsamic Jackfruit Slider

 Shredded Jackfruit Marinated In A House Made Balsamic BBQ Sauce, Topped with Red/Green Cabbage Carrot Slaw On A Locally Made Wheat Bun
Move Over Pulled Pork, There's A New Sheriff In Town! Jackfruit! 
     Or you could just stay home, leave the driving to the fine folks at Grub Truck and mosey down to Food Truck Thursday at the Gallivan Center, especially considering we have some of the worst air in the country (if you're a local come to Saturday's Salt Lake's Biggest Clean Air Rally). It's easy for me to say since I work close by.
     I wrote last week about another food truck thursday regular Off The Grid and their underground Indonesian inspired waffle sandwich. Now, I guess it's a good ole battle royale style rumble. Who has the best vegan options? I think I might have to play the parent card and say I love you both equally. Chiptole tacos or jacked sliders? Decisions. 

Grub Truck  in Action At Food Truck Thursday
     Now you're wondering what jackfruit is? It's a  large fruit out of Thailand. I guess that answers all of your questions. No? Well, apparently, the young jackfruit, when cooked, shreds into a pulled pork looking stringy meaty deliciousness. I have no idea who started cooking with jackfruit but it's just one of the many reasons I love being vegan. The first time I heard of it was when California's Seabird food truck (read the review) came to town as part of some reality show.  Fast forward a few years and the crazy thing is, considering the dearth of vegan restaurants in salt lake, that the Grub Truck is the first to put it on their menu. (UPDATE: I forgot that Buds is the first to put it on their menu with a burrito and a salad. I tend to forget since I only order the balsamic pesto sub there. I have them on my list to review). It started out as a special for the downtown winter farmer's market, but the demand made it a regular menu item. Not only do they serve in the street, but they have their ears tuned into the people. Just one of the reasons, The Grub Truck is one of the best food trucks. It's not just my opinion, but SLC's Eat Local award for best food truck from both the judges as well as audience. Pretty impressive.
Pot O' Jackfruit Sliders
   The best thing is that while my sandwich was cooking, a girl comes up and asks, "what's jackfruit? Is it a meat?" Halie, the Grub Truck's owner, response was awesome with a quick explanation and better yet a taste! Let the taste buds do the talking. The curious customer ended up ordered one as well. Yes, it's that tasty. I even fooled some coworkers that I started eating meat. One coworker, a big meat eater, even said that it's not exactly like meat, but close enough that even he would order it. Score two for the Grub Truck. The coconut curry soup is also vegan, but unfortunately they were sold out when I went to order mine. I won't make the same wrong late lunch choice this week! More points for putting what is vegan on the menu. No wondering or holding up the line with questions. 
Grub Truck Menu
Jacked Sliders and Butternut Curry With Rice Are Vegan! 
     One of these days, I'll resurrect my post about jackfruit and how awesome it is. Until then, head over to the Grub Truck and let your taste buds do the talking. Check them out on facebook or twitter to find out their always roving locations.  Now hit the road jack (sorry I couldn't resist). 

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