Monday, August 8, 2011

It's A Bird, No It's A Plane....No It's A Seabird!

Seabirds Soar To Salt Lake
     Just like those famous seagulls that rescued the pioneers from hoardes of crickets, Seabirds rolled in Salt Lake to save us from...well, I'm not sure, but I bet you didn't know that seagulls are Utah's state bird. So it all makes sense that Seabirds Food Truck picked Salt Lake to fly home to. Just to prove how serious, we Salt Lakers take seabirds. Look at what monuments we erect over our streets.
Seagull Arch 
Downtown on South Temple?
      That should be enough proof. So you know how excited we were to have Seabirds in town for two days as part of their quest as the best in the Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race. They're even nominated for the best food truck in the 2011 Veg News' Veggie Awards (but I have my heart set on local business Union Street Eats, though Seabirds is deserving and would get my second vote). I've heard about this truck before when Kevin from went to an LA beer fest and was wowed with their beer battered avocado tacos. Still in a daze from his wowing, but no longer in LA, Kevin went to work replicating what he had at Seabirds and posted the recipe HERE. So the night before Seabirds came to town, I had visions of beer battered avocados dancing in my head, but alas it would not be. 
California Cheesesteak
Peppered Jackfruit, Grilled Onions, Nacho Brew Cheese with Sweet and Sour Slaw
     Because of the television show and it's producers, everything was hush hush and the second hand word on their location and hours would have to spread over twitter and facebook. Big thanks to Cakewalk for spreading the word! (Cakewalk is nominated for best vegan bakery in the same Veggie Awards. Please vote for them!) Because it was a powder day, I was up on the mountain and missed lunch (and the hour long lines), but I managed to snag dinner (after an hour or so wait). Despite the wait, exasperation and impending hunger, the food was worth it! Although, I didn't get beer battered avocado tacos, I did snag one of these jackfruit tacos, which introduced me to the world of jackfruit. (I have a jackfruit pulled pork sandwich that I made, which I'll post shortly. Union Street Eats is even offering a jackfruit barbacoa taco with tequila lime sauce. Jackfruit is seriously amazing.). Actually, I ordered one of everything. My small contribution to help bring accolades to a vegan food truck and another vegan business beating traditional ones. (Just see this post on Sticky Fingers Bakery.) I know, it's a tough life, but the lemongrass corn chowder might have been the best soup that I've ever had. Here's the rest of the Seabirds sampling that I had, minus the rice bowl I had on the second day. Rumour had it pizza was on the dinner menu, but I couldn't get to their new location. Damn meal on wheels!
Lemongrass Corn Chowder
With A Hint of Coconut?
California Black Bean Chili
Topped with Sliced Avocados and Chiptole Sour Cream that went M.I.A.
Truffle Cauliflower
Lunch Menu
  Seabirds Rode Into the Sunset...
    If you're in the Southern California area, follow Seabirds on facebook or their website for their latest locations and maybe one day they'll find their way to your town and be legends, just like our salt lake seagulls. 

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