Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Brett Day!!!

Happy Birthday, Brett!
Brett at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary with Petunia, a rescued turkey.
      Yesterday was Brett's birthday. He's one of the nicest and bestest friends that I know; a friend you're lucky to meet once in a lifetime. Not only is he an award winning home brewer, he is one half of the team behind the awesome site, Plus, he can cook me under the table. Just browse some of his recipes on the site. From Vietnamese Summer Spring Rolls with a Mango Apricot Wheat Dipping Sauce to the alliteration prone Beer Braised Brussels Spouts with Shiitake Bacon and Quinoa Pilaf, Brett showcases his culinary skills (and unlike me he creates his own recipes!).
**UPDATE** Brett is holding a fundraiser on September 8th at The Half Pint from 7-9 p.m. in NYC to benefit Woodstock Animal Sanctuary. 25% of the tab will be donated to the sanctuary and features great beers from Smuttynose Brewery. Get more information HERE. Please help spread the word to make this a success!
 Brett Pretending Someone Is Chasing Him in His First Half Marathon
Or maybe he heard there was a case of Ken Griffy rookie card beer at the finish?
     To demonstrate how nice he is, he asked everyone to forgo presents and instead donate to to his fund raising goal for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. On World Farm Animal Day, he will be running his first marathon, that's 26.2 miles without anyone or thing chasing you. While I'm not a runner, I did run in the Ching Farm Sanctuary race and did just the 10 K, about 6.2 miles in about an hour and ten minutes. And that's 20 miles shorter than a marathon. I can't even fathom how people run marathons, but the one thing that got me through my race was the pledges friends made. It's like your not doing this alone. Let's help Brett meet his goal of about $1 for every mile he runs and give him the motivation to not only finish his first marathon, but to keep training. Visit his fund rasing page HERE.
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
     To give you an idea of where your money will go here is some information about Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit this farm sanctuary. As someone who has been a long time vegan, it was revitalizing to see the chickens run around the field, the sheep casually move away from me as I entered their pen. The pigs soaking up the sun. It's a beatuiful sanctuary, surrounded by the verdant Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, that not only cares for the animals for the rest of their lives, but makes an effort to encourage plant based diets. Two of their most recent arrivals are Philly the Hen and Kayli the Cow, both of whom were rescued from a Halal slaughterhouse in Philadelphia. Well, Kali made an infamous mad dash for freedom wandering through the streets for an hour. You can watch the video HERE. Now these animals will get to live out their lives in peace, surrounded by love. To learn more about Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and their animals, visit them HERE and learn about some of the animals HERE.
Video of Kayli's Arrival at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

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