Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enter The Brotherhood!

Seitan Bacon Ranch And Margarita Pizza
The Best Of Both Worlds!
     I'm sure he's not English, but we should be looking into knighting or whatever the Long Island equivalent would be (maybe a parade?) for Jay Astafovic. He designed a menu that has quite possibly that best Italian restaurant that I've been too, even the New York Times have noticed. Italian vegan food is one of the most under served cuisine in the vegan world and Three Brothers Pizza Cafe comes out swinging. I've never seen a menu quite like it, pizzas, pastas, entrées and appetizing appetizers! It's like Philly's Blackbird Pizza but on steroids! 
 Mozzarella Sticks
My First Vegan Mozzarella Stick!
    And good thing, too! The special one and I arrived in the big apple to see Florence and the Machine at Radio City Music Hall with stomachs grumbling and luckily our gracious hosts heard our gurgling stomaches (the kale chips on the plane can only get you so far!) and suggested Three Brothers being that we were already close. They didn't need to say much more than vegan pizza, but we had no idea what we were getting into. Our server didn't either, she stopped taking our order after the pizza, but we keep going! I wanted the Dr Cow aged cheese plate, but unfortunately, they were out. Unless you order it online, Dr Cow doesn't make it out to my neck of the woods so I wanted to give it a try after Vegan Brew's awesome review. I settled for my first mozzarella stick, which usually are more melty inside but were still amazing. As you can see from above, they didn't last long! I had to guard this one just to get a picture!
Baby Spinach Salad    
The Grilled Portobello Makes This Salad
    Of course, we wanted to try everything so we split up to to sample as much as possible and we passed around our plates like communion offerings. Plus, Leftovers, aren't such a bad thing, right? I normally don't like portobellos. Maybe, it's years of crappy restaurants thinking vegans only eat hummus and portobello sandwiches, but this was awesome. The grill marks give it away, but it had this wonderful smoky flavor as well and looks like it was just picked that afternoon. I'm a mushroom believer again! Oh, and it came with a cashew cheese from Dr Cow's. It was a little grainy, but it had a nice funk to it. Now follow me as we march to the pizza! The seitan bacon ranch pizza jumped out at me, but our hosts suggested the Margarita pizza so we did halfsies! Wow, the seitan bacon ranch pizza came out with,maybe an inch or two high piled with toppings. You almost needed a spotter just to lift a slice! Taste wise it had this delicious sweet smokey flavor. The Margarita was the perfect companion with a clean and crisp taste of garlic, tomatoes and mozzarella. I definitely recommend this combination because more tastes are better than one.
Penne Alla Vodka
This Ain't No Ordinary Red Sauce!
     I know you're thinking that's all we ordered, but we kept going. With a bunch of  names like puttanesca, bolognese, scampi and marsala, I had to taste one of the entrees, too. The vodka and pasta as I called it spoke to me so I answered back and ordered it. While it might look like a regular sauce, this was a creamy delicious sauce that's hard to describe. I've never had anything like it, but I know yummy when I taste it! To top things off, you can even add grilled seitan, tofu or bacon to any of the pasta dishes for only $2. I mean how awesome is that. After all that it's hard to get excited for a seitan cheese burger, but it was home made and the french fries were perfect. I'm not sure if they offer dessert or not because we were stuffed and armed with doggie bags. I know you're disappointed in my sweet tooth, but we did manage to hit up Lula's several hours later for a some cake batter ice cream! 
Seitan Cheese Burger
Now That's A Burger!
     There now, can we start to the plans for a ticker tape parade for Mr  Astafovic. I just need another excuse to come back to sample the rest of the menu! Whose with me? 

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