Friday, April 20, 2012

Don't Mess With Vegeria!

Where The Stars Are Bright: Vegeria San Antonio's First All-Vegan Restaurant

One Of The Coolest Logos For A Resturant That I've Been To!
      Nestled next to a religious book store is San Antonio's newest gem, Vegeria. I bet you're wondering how to pronounce their name? While the gringo in me can't roll my "r"s enough for a proper pronouncation or replacing the "G" sound for an "H", I go for the "Veg" followed by "eria". Feel free to be more authentic than me. The name is derived from a spanish designation, Ie panderia, would mean a place where bread is made or a bakery. So Vegeria litterally means a place where vegetables are made, which just make the place cooler in my book, extra points for a creative name!
      Serving Tex-Mex and American cusisine, along with delectable desserts and raw food items, Vegeria has just a small sign outside to indicate it's presence, but don't be fooled into overlooking this resturant. Luckily, I had my mom guide me, who has being a regular since it's opening in August. Thanks, Mom!
     On this visit, we decided to try out the burnch because of a magic word: donuts! Yup, that's right Vegeria makes homemade donuts just on Saturdays. This donuts might be the best since going to Las Vegas's Ronald's Donuts! While we were eating, someone came in just to order a couple!
Boston Cream Donuts!
Move Over Dunkin' Donuts! This was pure perfection!

      While I was hoping for a more brunchy menu, I was happy to see the donuts fully stocked when we arrvied! My mom said she never got there early enough to get one so this was a big deal. We actually ordered the donuts and cinnamon rolls first. That's just how you roll in Texas! With that out of the way, we focued on the entrees. I had to go with the portbello cheese steak, on the recommendation of my mom.
Portobello Cheese Steak
One Of The Most Reasonable Resturants I've Been To. This Was $7.75!

       While I generally prefer a more seitan or tempeh cheese steak, the portobellos were perfect with char grilled onions and pepers. Yup, the usually onion averse even enjoyed the onions! The best part, minus the donuts, is that you get to pick your side from a list of about five that included coconut cilantro rice, chips and others I forgot. Being in Texas, I went for the Mexican brown rice, which was decent but needed some more spiciness. Keeping true to their name, Vegeria serves all the sandwiches with a side salad. Oh, and they make their own cheese sauce which was divine, but not nearly as good as that barbeque sauce on the portobello sub, which might be the best that I ever tasted. Yup, it's that good.
BBQ Portobello Sandwich
You Have To Taste This BBQ Sauce!
      The spinach queso nachos were the special of the day and woah man was it special. The spinach added the perfect balanace to the cheese. My own complaint is that we only got to go once! I still need to try the tamales and the smoked mushroom sandwich. Yes, I make a mental checklist of things I want to try! At least we took some dessert sampling to try later, we walked away with a cinnimon rolsl and fiesta cookies, which were chocolate chip cookies with what I think were corn chips inside, an interesting combination! Another mental note: make sure to go back for dinner since it's BYOB! And let me tell you, some good beers make it to Texas!
Spinach Queso Nachos
Almost Too Pretty To Eat!

Cinnamon Roll
Raisen And Nut Filled, Too!

Fiesta Cookies
Spot The Corn Chips?!
Taking A Bite Outta A Donut
Perhaps, The Best Donut I've Had Since Ronald's!
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Amanda said...

donuts AND nachos?! that's life-changing.

John said...

Several Raw Food selections that are delicious! You can't beat the Vegan Nachos, the 'cheese' sauce and 'refried beans' on the nachos are awesome.
John Hale

Joe Snow said...

I agree it's life changing and those nachos are excellent! They must sprinkle some magic on them, too!