Monday, May 30, 2011

New Music Thursday

     Okay, so I meant to do this on Monday when most of the streams were released but alas I haven't gotten around to it. However, I plan to intersperse this site with more music posts (look for a review of Doomtree's Dessa and Sims coming soon). Music is on equal footing with cooking so now you know what I really do with all my free time.
Okkervil River-I Am Very Far
     This Austin band returns with a follow up to their critically acclaimed 2008 release "The Stand Ins". This release continues their large folk sound. The percussion on "In The Valley" and violin set the stage for an excellent follow up and showcase their talents. Stream the album here and there or download "Rider" here. For Salt Lake readers, they will be playing Urban Lounge with the awesome poppy punk Titus Andronicus on 6/16.
Manchester Orchestra-Simple Math
   The third album from this Georgia based band. I'll be honest I wasn't really a fan because of their over religious lyrics, but after hearing Bad Books (a project the band did with outstanding Kevin Devine) I've become intrigued. Check out the stream HERE.
Fleet Foxes-Helplessness Blue
     This Seattle based piece follow ups to their acclaimed self-titled debut. I've been a fan of drummer Joshua Tillman's prolific solo work so this is a highly anticpated release. The band describes their sound as baroque harmonic pop jam. I'm not sure what that means, but I like their sounds.Check out the stream HERE or THERE. NPR also had the song of the day from Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Peckfold with Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear called "I'm Losing Myself". Not exactly a Fleet Foxes song, but an awesome song. Check it HERE .
Raphael Saadiq- Stone Rollin  
    Not sure what I was expecting but since both Spinner and NPR are streaming it, there most be something to them. It reminds me if Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears dropped the rock in favor of a motown sound. This would be a perfect compliment for Adele's latest. Check out the stream HERE or HERE.
Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi-Rome
     I've been a fan of Danger Mouse since he mixed out the Beatles and Jay Z, but I have no idea who this luppi guy is. I'm not sure what to think, but maybe good background music or perhaps another listen is in order. More soundscapes than music. What do you think? Check out the stream HERE.
More Streams...
Also streaming The Antler's-Burst Apart, the first Cars album since 1987, Joan of Arc's newest, Moving Mountain's Waves (reminds me of a less metal version of Japan's Envy), the new folkie album from Other Lives
Ray Lamontagne's nearly hour long concert on Late Show with David Letterman is available HERE.

Upcoming Shows for Salt Lakers
     5/12- Doomtree's Dessa and Sims play Urban Lounge and Kilby Court (early show) for the kiddies. Mindstate and Scenci Byway open the Urban show, Dope Thought for Kilby. ($9)
      5/15-Jimmy Eat World plays  In the Venue ($28.50)
      6/1-David Bazan (from Pedro The Lion and Headphones) plays Kilby Court ($13)
      6/4-Young Widows playing Burt's Tiki Lounge ($?, sorry I can't find a price)
      6/16-Okkervil River plays Urban Lounge with the awesome poppy punk Titus  Andronicus    ($15)
      6/18-Ray Lamontagne plays Library Square ($36) 

Tickets prices are listed if bought from Slowtrain, which is the cheapest way to get them. Plus, it helps support an awesome record store.


Katherine said...

Yes! I love to see Manchester Orchestra on your list - have you seen their performance on Letterman? It was mind blowing, watch

Joe Snow said...

thanks, I'll have to check that out. You should check out Bad Books. Their side project with Kevin Devine. He's pretty amazing.